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Mario's Many Adventures
I tried to make a Mario Brothers type of game.
This is one of my best games.
Break Out
Bust out the Blocks above with the Paddle.
Block Break
This is a game sort of like Break Out, except you have blocks on all 4 sides of you.
Ink Blot Game
Another Adventure type of game.
This is my first game. IT is sort of a Pong/Soccer Game
Bouncer On Another Planet
My 2nd Game I've ever made. It is A Sequel To Bouncer.
Battle Ship Hockey
A Bouncer game with a hockey twist.
This is my version of the classic game Pong!

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Klik & Play, is an easy to use program for the beginning programmer. You don't have to know anything about programming to use Klick & Play. If you know how to use a mouse, then you can program in Klik & Play! Or if you are an experienced programmer, looking for a good graphical program, then Klik & Play is for you too. Klik & Play supports up to 64 million colors, if not more. It is simple to make realistic 3-D graphics, with Klik & Play's image editor. I would recommend this program to anybody who wants to make there own games. If you take my advice, and make some games, please tell me, and we will arrange a way, that your creations could be uploaded on to my site. Good Luck, and Good Programming.

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